Government field inspectors take full advantage of the iPad with iG Workforce

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a media tablet to mobilize your workforce. Industry experts believe that the iPad will continue to be the preferred tablet for some time because of its overall design, strong ecosystem, and Apple’s trusted brand name.   The iPad has become the gold standard in the marketplace backed by its amazing iOS and its 170,000 tablet-specific apps.

Another critical factor to consider is the ability to take advantage of many of the tablet’s features to perform required tasks — a key reason why the iPad was the best choice to run iG Workforce, a powerful mobile platform designed to help government workers do their job more efficiently in the field.  The iPad’s native functions were easily integrated with the iG Workforce platform to help field workers carry out tasks more quickly and efficiently. Here’s a look at four of iPad’s features that are useful tools for the field worker:

Location Services

The Esri GIS map that comes standard with iG Workforce is integrated with the iPad’s GPS to leverage geographic data and provide location-based services.  For instance, you can optimize the best travel route for a daily inspections list and get step-by-step directions from your current location to the next inspection site on the list.


Built-in Camera

Rather than carrying a separate camera to take photos of code issues or violations, an inspector can use the built-in camera in the iPad.  The photo can instantly be attached to the inspection record, reducing the time it would take to go to a computer to download and then upload the photo from a separate camera.


Digital Signature

The iPad comes with a digital signature capability, allowing contractors and inspectors on site to sign off on inspections and instantly submit them to the back-office system without the hassle of scans or faxes — a quick and seamless process.


Reporting and Printing

Instead of waiting to get back to the office to print reports, they can instantly be generated and printed to give to those who need it on-site.

iPad printer

These are just a few of the native iPad functions that work seamlessly with iG Workforce to increase productivity of field workers.  Users have found the iPad coupled with iG Workforce to be an intuitive, and an overall cost-effective mobile solution when considering the amazing increase in efficiencies the solution can bring.  To see other benefits iG Workforce can extend your mobile workers, click here or go to


Mobilizing Your Workforce in 2012

Mobile technology was the number two priority for CIOs surveyed by Gartner in 2011 and continues to be  the number two priority for CIOs in 2012.  The federal government also took initiative this year to formulate a mobile strategy of its own to reduce costs, increase productivity of employees and improve the accessibility and efficiency of its services.

Many state and local governments can also benefit from mobile technologies but may often be slower to embrace them due to a variety of factors: tight IT budgets, a long and political due process to overhaul legacy back office systems and software, or simply an uneasiness to change to what is new.

Rather than revamping an entire legacy system all at once, government agencies can implement a mobile strategy relatively quickly and in staggered steps, starting with one department or even one process at a time. Field inspection processes are a great place to implement a mobile strategy as enabling research, checklists, comments, printouts and other processes in the field on tablet devices often can provide significant efficiencies and high ROI with relative ease.

With the iG Workforce platform, mobile workers can easily and quickly manage all aspects of the inspection process from the iPad.  The native app works seamlessly with the iPad to instantly access, manage and sync data with any back-office system via an open API and if required, cloud-based hosted environment.  Here are three simple ways the iG Workforce platform can help inspections be processed more efficiently:

  • Prioritize inspections:  the iG Inspect app includes an Esri GIS mapping technology to optimize the best route to take for the day’s inspections, in addition to other functions to help analyze inspections geographically.

  • Standardized the Process:  iG Inspect streamlines all the items that need to be reviewed for a particular inspection with the choice to pass or fail the item and add any comments or notes.

Check list

  • Sync and normalize data – iG Inspect was the first mobile government platform designed specifically for the iPad that utilizes an API and cloud-based architecture to manage your data centrally allowing for integration with multiple back office system.  The mobile environment allows field inspectors to store and forward data when they’re out of range of the Internet.

iG Workforce Cloud

For government agencies looking to mobilize their field staff, the iG Workforce platform provides an easy transition to a mobile solution with its superior interface and intuitive features.  The advancements in mobile technologies just within the last few years is staggering as shopping and banking on the phone or media tablets have become the norm.  For government agencies looking to leverage these advancements in mobile to help increase work productivity and improve public services in their regulatory processes, iG Workforce is the first step to take for a long-term mobile solution.

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