Leveraging GIS to Improve an Agency’s Infrastructure Asset Management Process

GIS Asset MgtWithout a good management or budgeting process, a healthy infrastructure will often be left to the wayside to deteoriorate more rapidly according to Alex Marshall in Governing. The number of public assets a government agency manages is enormous. Bridges, sidewalks, sewers, fire hydrants and traffic lights all have to be monitored and maintained for wear and tear and repair. Even the paint on every stop sign needs to be accounted for should it become too dull for visibility. By keeping an accurate inventory of assets and up-to-date information on their conditions, government agencies can better evaluate, plan and budget for operating and maintenance costs.

GIS helps improve asset management by providing spatial information related to each asset. Within the infrastructure asset management world, managing this geographic data is important in order to efficiently schedule and dispatch work for routine maintenance work, repairs, collect information or do a major overhaul of upgrading assets as Philadelphia did when the city replaced 87,000 incandescent traffic lights with LED bulbs, with projected savings of $1 million per year.

GIS also helps to centralize, analyze and visualize geographic data to use resources more efficiently and understand the impact assets may have on each other. For instance, geospatial awareness can help an agency’s project when growing trees obscure traffic signs or power lines, and potential flooding zones can be calculated if a particular pipe was to burst. With an enterprise GIS, different departments can also access the same geographical data and strategically coordinate together or ensure that differing projects do not interfere with each other.

Even with dwindling resources and budget cuts, government agencies cannot afford to mismanage their public assets and infrastucture which will be more costly in the long run. An enterprise system tightly integrated with GIS can prove to be a cost-effective solution that helps government agencies to efficiently and effectively manage their assets.

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