2012 EnerGov Certification Courses – Registration Now Open

If you haven’t already, register to become a certified EnerGov professional in 2012. The EnerGov certification courses are held within EnerGov’s state-of-the-art training facilities within EnerGov’s corporate headquarters (greater Atlanta area). These courses will provide an in-depth overview on how to administer and configure particular modules and components of the EnerGov platform.  These certifications are essential in ensuring your agency has the know-how to fully leverage the investment made in the EnerGov system.

Additionally, in response to Gov 2.0 initiatives, EnerGov will also be offering a seminar on Citizen Engagement, which will offer insight on how to utilize the EnerGov platform in addition to using social media and other technologies to better engage the public. This seminar is open to all government agencies (EnerGov and non-EnerGov clients) and will be held in the greater Atlanta area.

Please note that EnerGov customers with certified EnerGov professionals receive a discount on their support plans as well as discounts on user conferences and other events on an annual basis. Professional certifications must be kept up to date annually.

For more details and the full listing of certifications courses, click here.